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A voice of reason, a trusted partner, agile and responsive.


Emblematic figure in the Geneva basin since 1943

On-going transition

Founded under the name of Société Fiduciaire et de Gérance SA then known as SFG Conseil SA, the company has been able to evolve by focusing on its expertise, its staff and its clients.

Sharing values and vision

Resolutely forward-looking and aware of the change occurring across the generations, the technology surrounding its activity and the importance of knowing what makes it different from other companies, it decided to mark its 75th anniversary in 2018 by reaffirming its values and its vision for its clients and its staff by becoming ECHO SA.


a visionary partner who will listen to you, our clients.

Customised approach

So we can offer tailored help to each client concerning legal questions on accounting or taxation which are increasingly specialised and to precisely anticipate your needs regardless of the issue or situation, ECHO SA is positioning itself as a voice of reason.

Efficient communication

We are always ready to listen to you. Every case is unique. On the one hand, there is the client’s experience which can be embodied by, for example, having a vision, years of experience and a team. On the other hand, there are their constraints which may be different either from the point of view of its business model or its governance. In fact, ECHO SA places considerable importance on listening, dialogue and discussion, sharing its knowledge, expertise and vision down the various generations. ECHO SA offers you the opportunity to take a step back and make rational decisions together to make better progress.

A panel of experts

We are a growing company, relying on our heritage as well as on the complementary skills of our experts and talented staff, both men and women, and close partnerships built on trust, both internally and externally.

Partnering on the long term

The responsiveness and availability promised by the teams as well as their versatility and the dynamism of the solutions proposed by ECHO SA form part of the demanding standard that they set to guarantee satisfaction for our clients and create a close and lasting relationship built on trust.





Improvement, development & progress


Anchored firmly in a local system and equipped with an historic network, ECHO SA sees itself as not just a company that forges links and a creator of local and even international opportunities.

Innovative solutions

As an attentive and well-informed partner, ECHO SA also makes suggestions in terms of meetings and development, following the client needs based on situations that partners, staff or companies might encounter in the course of their expansion. Life goes at its own pace, a chain of events in which luck has no part.

Added value

An opportunity may emerge from one encounter which may completely change the established order, and by definition, create value.